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Yiwu is reputed by the UN and World Bank as the largest wholesale market of consumer goods in the world. Yiwu market has an area of 5.5 million m2, accommodates 75,000 booths, and sells 1.8 million kinds of consumer goods. In other words, if you spend 3 minutes at each booth on a basis of 8 hours a day, it will take you 15 months to visit the entire market. More than 80% of the market businessmen are engaged in foreign trade. The number of resident foreign businessmen exceeds 13,000. Each year, 440,000 overseas businessmen come to Yiwu. Foreign organizations such as partnership companies have reached 5,000. Yiwu has business ties with 219 countries and regions across the globe. In 2012, 674,000 TEUs of goods are exported worldwide under the supervision of Yiwu Customs.

Yiwu actively nurtures the import market. The Imported Commodities Mall of the International Trade Mart, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, has introduced 50,000 kinds of products from 90 countries and regions. There are 10 categories of the imported goods, such as food, artware, consumer goods, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. African Products Exhibition & Trade Center and ASEAN Products Exhibition & Trade Center, as international cooperative projects of Chinese government, were set up in the ICM. The Central & Eastern European Products Exhibition & Trade Center will be launched soon.

With a total planning area of 12.98 km2, Yiwu International Production Materials Market has six sections including raw and auxiliary materials section, complete sets of machinery and equipment section, spare parts and assembly section, tools and measures section, Yiwu Index release platform, and massive database and information processing center.